European Data Protection Board


Regulation name
Encouraging the drawing up of codes of conduct intended to contribute to the proper application of this Regulation
Submitting the code or draft of the code to the Board
Collecting all approved codes of conduct, amendments and extensions in a register
Support in the process of certification mechanisms implementation
Certification mechanisms and data protection seals and marks publication
An opinion of the Board
Issuing an opinion in terms of the Article 64, paragraph 1 and 2 of the regulation
Reasons for adopting the biding decisions by the Board
Period for adopting the decisions in terms of the Article 65, paragraph 1of the regulation
Activity of the Board when the periods, settled in the Article 65, has been missed
Independence of the Board
Individual provision in context of the Board independence
Publication of the consultations results, opinions, best practices, made by the Board
Consultations of the Board with the respective parties
An annual report regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to processing in the Union
Procedure in taking the decisions by the Board
Operational arrangements of the Board
Election of the Chair of the Board
Allocation of the tasks to the Chair of the Board and Deputy Chair of the Board
Cooperation between the Board and European Data Protection Supervisor

Indirect obligations

Regulation name
Specification of the forms and means of cooperation between the supervisory authorities


Regulation name
Adoption of the provisional measures by the respective supervisory authority
Scope of the Board activities and responsibilities

Indirect rights

Regulation name
Submitting the code or draft of the code to the Board
Submitting the draft criteria for an accreditation of a body
An opinion of the Board
Cooperation between the supervisory authorities, Commission and Board
Activity of the Chair of the Board after acceptance of the final decision
Scope of the cooperation between the Board and Secretary
Confidential discussions of the Board


Regulation name
Exemptions in adopting the urgent opinion or urgent biding decision
Establishment of the European Data Protection Board
Structure of the Board
Scope of the annual report of the Board