Basic information about the regulation

Name of regulation
A competency of the supervisory authorities during the joint operations
Where the controller or processor has establishments in several Member States or where a significant number of data subjects in more than one Member State are likely to be substantially affected by processing operations, a supervisory authority of each of those Member States shall have the right to participate in joint operations. The supervisory authority which is competent pursuant to Article 56(1) or (4) shall invite the supervisory authority of each of those Member States to take part in the joint operations and shall respond without delay to the request of a supervisory authority to participate.
Legislative localisation Chapter VII, Section 1, Article 62, Paragraph 2
Regulation's subject matter Joint operations of supervisory authorities (Article 62, Section 1, Chapter VII)
Regulation category Right
Regulation subcategory Authorisation
Actors concerned
Related actors Controller
Member state
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