Basic information about the regulation

Name of regulation
Authorisation and advisory powers of the supervisory authority
Each supervisory authority shall have all of the following authorisation and advisory powers:
(a) to advise the controller in accordance with the prior consultation procedure referred to in Article 36;
(b) to issue, on its own initiative or on request, opinions to the national parliament, the Member State government or, in accordance with Member State law, to other institutions and bodies as well as to the public on any issue related to the protection of personal data;
(c) to authorise processing referred to in Article 36(5), if the law of the Member State requires such prior authorisation;
(d) to issue an opinion and approve draft codes of conduct pursuant to Article 40(5);
(e) to accredit certification bodies pursuant to Article 43;
(f) to issue certifications and approve criteria of certification in accordance with Article 42(5);
(g) to adopt standard data protection clauses referred to in Article 28(8) and in point (d) of Article 46(2);
(h) to authorise contractual clauses referred to in point (a) of Article 46(3);
(i) to authorise administrative arrangements referred to in point (b) of Article 46(3);
(j) to approve binding corporate rules pursuant to Article 47.
Legislative localisation Chapter VI, Section 2, Article 58, Paragraph 3
Regulation's subject matter Powers (Article 58, Section 2, Chapter VI)
Regulation category Right
Regulation subcategory Authorisation
Actors concerned
Right Supervisory authority
Related actors Certification body
Government of the Member State
National parliament of the Member State
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