Basic information about the regulation

Name of regulation
Codes of conduct
Associations and other bodies representing Controllers or Processors may prepare codes of conduct, or amend or extend such codes, for the purpose of specifying the application of this Regulation, such as with regard to:
(a) fair and transparent processing;
(b) the legitimate interests pursued by controllers in specific contexts;
(c) the collection of personal data;
(d) the pseudonymisation of personal data;
(e) the information provided to the public and to data subjects;
(f) the exercise of the rights of data subjects;
(g) the information provided to, and the protection of, children, and the manner in which the content of the holders of parental responsibility over children is to be obtained;
(h) the measures and procedures referred to in Articles 24 and 25 and the measures to ensure security of processing referred to in Article 32;
(i) the notification of personal data breaches to supervisory authorities and the communication of such personal data breaches to data subjects;
(j) the transfer of personal data to third countries or international organisations; or
(k) out-of-court proceedings and other dispute resolution procedures for resolving disputes between controllers and data subjects with regard to processing, without prejudice to the rights of data subjects pursuant to Articles 77 and 79.
Legislative localisation Chapter IV, Section 4, Article 40, Paragraph 2
Regulation's subject matter Codes of conduct (Article 40, Section 5, Chapter IV)
Regulation category Right
Regulation subcategory Permission
Actors concerned
Right Associations and other bodies representing Controllers or Processors
Related actors Child
Data subject
International organisation
Supervisory authority
Third country
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