Basic information about the regulation

Name of regulation
Conditions for accepting the binding corporate rules
The competent supervisory authority shall approve binding corporate rules in accordance with the consistency mechanism set out in Article 63, provided that they:
(a) are legally binding and apply to and are enforced by every member concerned of the group of undertakings, or group of enterprises engaged in a joint economic activity, including their employees;
(b) expressly confer enforceable rights on data subjects with regard to the processing of their personal data; and
(c) fulfil the requirements laid down in paragraph 2.
Legislative localisation Chapter V, Article 47, Paragraph 1
Regulation's subject matter Binding corporate rules (Article 47, Chapter V)
Regulation category Obligation
Regulation subcategory Prescriptive obligation
Actors concerned
Obligation Supervisory authority
Related actors Data subject
Group of enterprises engaged in a joint economic activity
Group of undertakings
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