Basic information about the regulation

Name of regulation
Derogation, novelization or detention of the Commission decision, in relation to the Article 45, paragraph 3
The Commission shall, where available information reveals, in particular following the review referred to in paragraph 3 of this Article, that a third country, a territory or one or more specified sectors within a third country, or an international organisation no longer ensures an adequate level of protection within the meaning of paragraph 2 of this Article, to the extent necessary, repeal, amend or suspend the decision referred to in paragraph 3 of this Article by means of implementing acts without retro-active effect. Those implementing acts shall be adopted in accordance with the examination procedure referred to in Article 93(2).
On duly justified imperative grounds of urgency, the Commission shall adopt immediately applicable implementing acts in accordance with the procedure referred to in Article 93(3).
Legislative localisation Chapter V, Article 45, Paragraph 5
Regulation's subject matter Transfers on the basis of an adequacy decision (Article 45, Chapter V)
Regulation category Obligation
Regulation subcategory Prescriptive obligation
Actors concerned
Obligation Commission
Related actors International organisation
Third country
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