Basic information about the regulation

Name of regulation
Investigative powers of the supervisory authority
Each supervisory authority shall have all of the following investigative powers:
(a) to order the controller and the processor, and, where applicable, the controller's or the processor's representative to provide any information it requires for the performance of its tasks;
(b) to carry out investigations in the form of data protection audits;
(c) to carry out a review on certifications issued pursuant to Article 42(7);
(d) to notify the controller or the processor of an alleged infringement of this Regulation;
(e) to obtain, from the controller and the processor, access to all personal data and to all information necessary for the performance of its tasks;
(f) to obtain access to any premises of the controller and the processor, including to any data processing equipment and means, in accordance with Union or Member State procedural law.
Legislative localisation Chapter VI, Section 2, Article 58, Paragraph 1
Regulation's subject matter Powers (Article 58, Section 2, Chapter VI)
Regulation category Right
Indirect obligation
Regulation subcategory Authorisation
Actors concerned
Right Supervisory authority
Indirect obligation Controller
Representative of the Controller
Representative of the Processor
Related actors European Union
Member state
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