Basic information about the regulation

Name of regulation
Minimum scope of the individual provisions in terms of the Article 23, paragraph 1 of the regulation
In particular, any legislative measure referred to in paragraph 1 shall contain specific provisions at least, where relevant, as to:
(a) the purposes of the processing or categories of processing;
(b) the categories of personal data;
(c) the scope of the restrictions introduced;
(d) the safeguards to prevent abuse or unlawful access or transfer;
(e) the specification of the controller or categories of controllers;
(f) the storage periods and the applicable safeguards taking into account the nature, scope and purposes of the processing or categories of processing;
(g) the risks to the rights and freedoms of data subjects; and
(h) the right of data subjects to be informed about the restriction, unless that may be prejudicial to the purpose of the restriction.
Legislative localisation Chapter III, Section 5, Article 23, Paragraph 2
Regulation's subject matter Restrictions (Article 23, Section 5, Chapter III)
Regulation category Definition
Regulation subcategory Provision
Actors concerned
Definition Controller
European Union
Member state
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